Tropical Arctic.

To catch up on my last trip to the Arctic this past summer, I thought I would just show images. Sometimes thought, that just isn’t enough.

I spent a month in the western Arctic this summer over two, 2 week trips on the Firth river in Ivvavik National Park. The First trip being the most Tropical Arctic trip I have ever experienced. We spent so much time in the water we forgot where we were. Hovering in the high 20’s most of the trip, the river came up to about 15C, which may not sound warm, but this is the Arctic and I had never experienced it over 10C.

This of course makes you think – why, first hand why. Scary to think that I have only been doing expeditions in the Arctic for 10 years and am personally noticing huge changes with my own eyes, hands, and mostly feet.

Thanks again to all who made the trip with us. Having experienced the North first hand and who are now ambassadors to this Great Land.


Twin Otter leaving Margaret Lake strip.

Wolf Tors camp and hike

Wolf Tors hike

Canyon reach section

Cabin Valley campsite

Engigstciak hike. Grizzly bear woke up from a nap and gave us a look before running off into the tundra.

Delta Reach Aufeis with a few Caribou undecided on what we were and where to go.

Nunaluk Spit Bowhead whale vertebrae.

Nunaluk Spit

Nunaluk Spit last load to Inuvik.

Nunaluk Spit Parks cabin used just in case a Polar bear wanders into camp.

Margaret Lake was our camp first camp and woke up to Muskox  and coffee.

Muskeg creek fishing or catching. Had a great dinner that night.

Muskeg creek hike

Joe creek camp

Joe creek hike with fearless lead Mr. Whitey

Joe creek hike

Joe creek hike

Wolf Tors camp at midnight.

Wolf Tors hike.

Wolf Tors hike.

Wolf Tors camp and hike

Wolf Tors camp and hike

Wolf Tors hike snack.

Wolf Tors camp.

Layover camp

Water Survey camp and hike

Water Survey hike with Engigstciak in the background.

Delta Hike

Delta Hike

Nunaluk Spit guide rack.


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  1. Tyler…I am so delighted to see and sense what you are accomplishing in your life. Your photography stirs my mind, although my capacity will be as an ‘armchair’ hitch hiker’ You have your own very beautiful “National Geographic” blog…good for YOU !! Jo

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