To Date.

With a show coming up on the weekend, I was reminded that blogging is something I am meant to do regularly.

This Saturday I am co-hosting a photography event with Rick Pelletier and Ronan Considine.

Every couple or few years I try to have a show and invite friend and clients to have a look at some of my non-commercial or editorial work. In 2014 I showed images collected from the trips to Africa and the Arctic as a sort of contrasting show to highlight those trips. This year we have decided to keep it local. All images will be from in and around our little town of Ladner.

Please come out to the show this Saturday, November.19th from 6pm-11pm as we have live music and beer from Four Winds Brewery with all proceeds going to the Delta Hospital Foundation.

Here are some recent commercial and local shots to give you a taste..



_tgp1784 _tgp2342 _tgp2539 _tgp2675 _tgp2939 _tgp5218 _tgp6212 _tgp6596 _tgp6678 _tgp6777 _tgp6835 _tgp7117 _tgp7260 _tgp7371 _tgp7527 _tgp7778 _tgp7849 _tgp7871 alluvium-poster-jpeg


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