Finding Words.

Like many trip of this nature, making photographs comes easy. Immersion in new and very different places always fires up the creative side.

Finding words on the other hand may be best left to the writers.

Having done a number of these types of trips in the past, I have a certain expectation and try to temper my excitement around the people that haven’t.


Really, this trip was packed with so much action and variety, it may have spoiled any chance for future trips to measure up.

The crew, guests and guide gelled immediately, partly thanks to a leopard strolling by the campfire on the first night.

From midnight visits from hyena and elephant, to every sunrise and sunset enjoyed in the middle of Naturville, this trip was a home run.

Having said that, we are going to try it again in 2018.

If you or anyone you know have ever shown interest in going to Africa, this is the place.

April, 2018 we will be running a photographic specific safari(max-6 ppl) and possibly a regular non-photo specific safari(max-9 ppl) through the Okavango Delta from or to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

Please share this with interested friends as things are already filling up quickly.

Thanks especially to the guests who joined us and Clinton and Hayley from Safari Life Africa.

What a trip.


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7 thoughts on “Finding Words.

  1. Bloody fantastic photos (yes, I braved the wild dog photo)… the leopard lazing in the tree – what a phenomenal shot. I may have to order a print of our ‘dinner under the stars’ snap. Thank you so much, Tyler. I’m so, so glad I went. xo

  2. Well, Tyler. If anything can sell the trip out PDQ, those pictures will.
    Now if we could just do something about your grammar.
    (Of lesser importance, but . . .)

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