No Really…

Sometimes friends or clients will ask about film. You know, film, those rolls a long time ago everybody put in their actual camera and exposed it through the lens and took to the photo lab to process. If you are under 20, ask your parents.

I still catch myself saying yes, I still shoot film occasionally because I like film. I like the grain and the tonal continuity and the different styles, and blah, and blah blah. I think what I really like, and miss, is the discipline.

In truthfulness, after checking, it has been a few years since I have shot a roll of film.

Having a collection of film cameras to choose from, I looked at the Leica M2 left to me by my Dad sitting on my desk for to long. I finally went to the Lab, bought a roll of Black and White and loaded it.

If you started in photography during the film days, going back is a fairly smooth transition. Understanding the mechanics and optics at a basic level and holding the 50 year old camera slows things down considerably. This was the first time in a long time I actually had to think about what I was doing with a camera in my hand. I mean really think. Shooting so often with my DSLR, makes it an extension, just a tool to get the shot, often rushing to the next one.

I used a LIGHT METER!!

Although my spider senses are usually damn close when it comes to exposures, I didn’t trust myself with the unforgiving film and dug up an old Seconic incident meter to double check on every exposure.

Not having even finished one roll yet, I have no idea what the results will be, but it really doesn’t matter.

Just having to slow down and appreciate the subject enough to make sure you are going to get the shot is enough.

There may be a lesson here…

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