Brown dog goodbye’s

We new that we would loose her before we were ever going to be ready.

Yesterday would have been her 10th Birthday.

And when the day finally came, it was still too hard to take. Saying goodbye to our constant companion and my only employee of almost 10 years sucks. Sucks hard.

After having a front leg amputated in the spring and rallying for a great summer, a few weeks ago we had to let her go as she was feeling the effects of bone cancer all too much that even her unmatched spirit seemed to be breaking.

Here is a photographic tribute to her and all of her friends out there.

We miss you Kosi, you were the best of dogs and you have left an everlasting impression on our whole family.

Say hi to Papa.

Kosi, October.26, 2005 – October.9, 2015

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