Yes, in my little hamlet of Ladner spring started in February.

In my rule book, when I have to mow the lawn, it’s officially spring. And no, I am not the guy who can’t wait to get out there and cut the grass, in fact I am the last. When I saw my neighbor down the road mowing, I stopped him to ask him “what the hell are you doing”. I told him “the other lawns might get the wrong idea, it’s still February!! “. Soon I couldn’t fight it as my boys were loosing the soccer ball in the jungle of green.

So, for a tribute to our little town of Ladner, here are some shots of it at its best.

I carry a large gallery of stock images from here locally and afar. All images available for Fine Art prints or stock on request.


sset-boats_DSC0062 B_DSC0016 _TGP9443 _TGP9266 _TGP8993 _TGP8947 _TGP7422 _TGP6510 _TGP6377 _TGP4110 _TGP4079 _TGP3364 _TGP2677 (1) _TGP1317 _TGP0675 _DSC7253 _DSC4264 _DSC1098 _DSC0195 _DSC0038


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