And so it began…

Happy New Year!!!

After a great gallery show in November a surf trip to the Island followed by family times in December, last year ended with a great trip to a little town on the Baja in Mexico, thanks to my amazing wife who surprised me with plane tickets. That is also where the new year began. In the town of El Sargento we had a house up the hill looking out over the Sea of Cortez. On new years eve we were beat so decided to have a few on the deck before barley making it to midnight. The locals were impressive with their stamina. The music was still pumping at 6am with a short break until it started again at 8am.

Since returning home my still amazing wife has managed to break her tib and fib during a round of slip and fall at a friends place. Here’s to having her home soon for the rest of the year…


Halen on his big boy bike. Yes, he is still 3.


China Beach Vancouver Island

_TGP7296 (1) _TGP7303 (1)

New series, “from the rail”.

_TGP7315 (1)

Baja beginings

_TGP7473 _TGP7493 _TGP7516 _TGP7550 _TGP7571 _TGP7583 _TGP7584 _TGP7600


Gallery shots by Ronan Considine

From the 25th Parallel show in November.

Thanks to everyone who made it out.

_MG_3796 (1) _MG_3865 (1)


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